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Dark Sven 🇸🇪 - 'Prey Day' (EP)

I'm looking forward to getting to listen to today's new releases, I can see albums from the likes of feber and The Last Dinner Party, singles from The Entrepreneurs and many more. But to wrap up last week just a quick mention to the new EP by Dark Sven which was released last Friday.

I think I've playlisted a few tracks, but never really written about the project, which comes courtesy of Swedish musician Henrik Möller - I've tried to look at past projects but not quite sure what he's been involved with. In Dark Sven he's been joined by producer by Jon Bordo, creating music which he describes as "dream pop with an exploratory melancholic look at existence, everything is lost in advance and endlessly recycled"

Cheery stuff then. But actually this doesn't register particularly high on the 'Mirel Wagner Scale of Bleakness', the patented device we use at Nordic Music Review to measure the scale of misery and despair in songwriting. And the reason for that is the tunes, because there's lots of them to enjoy.

'A Homecoming' is actually quite upbeat musically, well written with a big chorus, and whilst 'On Leave' does head very much in the Morrissey direction, 'Subliminal Encounter' has a laid back fluid feel, with reflective thoughtful lyrics. But the EP highlight is 'Go To The Hague', again it's the melodies that make the track, but the theme of the song is clear, where Möller dreams that the 'victims of war suddenly have the power to get rid of their tormentors'.

It's a nice enough EP, and Indie guitar music with tunes and thoughtful lyrics are always welcome on these pages.

Find Dark Sven on Facebook and Instagram.


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