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Day Felice (Sweden) - ‘Stardust’ (single)

Last time we featured Swedish songwriter Day Felice was in October 2019, around the time he released his debut album ‘Go On’, and clearly in the meantime the musician (and actor) behind the moniker, David Lindström has been working on writing songs on a significantly bigger scale, with the support of a full band line-up.

Of course you may not all remember Day Felice or David Lindström from our previous feature, but he has featured in a number of bands and even the occasional HBO series. That first album was pretty much released as a ‘solo’ project, but I rather like the full, almost cinematic sound in the new song ‘Stardust’.

I think I mentioned in my last write-up, that there was a hint of Keane in the songwriting, but actually I hear less of that in ‘Stardust’, aside from the big melodies and the lovely piano in the opening of song. Instrumentally here there is just so much going on, almost too much to take in a first listen, but somehow they pull it off, with an almost theatrical swagger – if you remember the brilliant My Life Story, resplendent with strings and brass, they used to do something pretty similar.

It’s also quite long at over 5 minutes, but I like bands that don’t conform to 3 minute radio guidelines, and the full effect of the song is hugely satisfying. Packed full of tunes too.

Writing about the song, David Lindström says "‘Stardust’ is about addiction and short-lived validation, the disgusting thought of dying young so you'll never need to take responsibility.”, he explains. “It’s the escape from reality that one can experience in the high of celebrity and party culture, that kind of shimmer in parties with no boundaries and depraved celebrity behaviour.”

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