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Dear Moon - 'Das Mekanik' (single)

We wrote about Finnish alternative rock Dear Moon back in January, a belated review of their marvellous end of 2019 debut single ‘Queen of Silence’. At the time we mentioned their exciting plans for 2020, although what we didn’t quite realise at the time that this involved signing to none other than UK label Revolver Records.

They’re a 5 piece band that originate from lovely Kuopio, and they were formed out of friendships that dated back to the early 90’s. Now I always like to research what other projects members of bands have played in, but I’ve drawn a slight blank with these guys, although it looks like drummer Sampsa Väätäinen played in the well regarded Finnish ‘wonky’ indie pop band Rubik a few years back - they're worth belatedly checking out, if you haven't come across them.

Anyway quite how Revolver Records got involved with Dear Moon I'm not sure, but it’s great to see their interest in Nordic Music, and they also have Danish songwriter Christina Gammeltoft releasing music through them also. I’ll resist the temptation to list my Top 50 of unsigned Nordic bands and artists I’d most like to see sign for Revolver - which probably starts with The Wit, then on to The Stillwalkers, and OK I promise to stop right there.

A few weeks ago they released the excellent ‘Afterlife’, with an anthemic pacifist message which questions what on earth we’re all fighting for, typically fusing together their blend of electric and electronic sounds. ‘Das Mekanik’, released yesterday, is far more heavily weighted towards timeless conventional rock, with a huge guitar riff leading the way, and on 1st listen I wasn’t entirely sure that’s what I wanted to hear from these guys, but the electronic elements give the track an extra energy, and by the end you’ll be both dancing around the house and then still have the repeated riff and tune stuck in your head all day.

I recommend both the new tracks they’ve released, and the good news is that their debut album is not far away. Entitled ‘Arise’ it will be released through Revolver on 24th April, and when all this sad stuff is over it would be great to see them over here for some UK gigs too.

Check them out on Facebook or Instagram.

We probably won't have chance to write about it for our 'Non Nordic Sunday' feature, as I want to cover a small Mexican indie band, but check here for the lovely new indie pop track by Russian born duo 'Mashmellow' called 'Share It', also just out on Revolver.


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