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Dinosaurtegning (Norway) - ‘Gul Saft’ (single)

Maybe I was a bit harsh on Swedish band Corduroy yesterday when I suggested their name was a little dull. But certainly Dinosaurtegning (I think it translates to Dinosaurdrawing) is more interesting, and new track ‘Gul Saft’ is an appealing and refined song from the Norwegian five piece - although their Spotify bio insists there are 6 of them and actually the shadowy image on the back wall of their photo does look like a mysterious 6th member.

We haven’t featured them before although they did release a track entitled ‘Vent’ in September. Apparently they’re born out of many hours of jamming and ‘searching in the pits of pop, rock, soul and childhood memories’, which figures if you listen to them – I can’t really pin them down too much to a genre, but it’s certainly reflective and thoughtful music. But the various band members have played in a number of bands, including Hockney and The Slow Painters, both really highly regarded at NMR.

Anyway ‘Gul Saft’ (Yellow Juice) is just so laid back that it may feel appropriate to pour a small something and settle back on your favourite armchair and think of happier times whilst the music consumes you. The brass arrangements are really beautifully constructed (‘hat tip‘ to Bendik Brænne for those), and despite the track being so nonchalant in style, it actually builds up quite powerfully. Big melodies too, I liked this on 1st listen and it’s continued to grow on me over the last few hours,

Sophisticated, stylish and moody, these guys really bring something slightly different to the table I think. They're possibly the guys sampling the Japanese whisky's at the bar.

It was released today, alongside a B-side entitled 'Haha' and you can find them on Facebook. Also on Instagram.


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