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Dobbeltgjenger (Norway) - Johanna (single)

I meant to write a few words about Dobbeltgjenger a couple of weeks ago when they released their new single ‘Johanna’, and looks like I’m so late with it that they’re almost ready to release the next single in the run up to their forthcoming album ‘Smooth Failing’. Maybe I just need to write about both.

So they hail from Bergen and they’re a 5 piece band, based around a motley, but very talented group of musicians, also known for being in bands such as the brilliant Ocean of Lotion and Ossicles, an interesting project that debuted last year called Honeyvein (must write about that soon) and Major Parkinson - courtesy of drummer Sondre Veland, without question one of the finest around.

Together as Dobbeltgjenger they’ve released 2 albums, the most recent being ‘Limbohead’ in 2018, which I really liked but probably didn’t fully appreciate at the time. Listening to tracks like ‘In Limbo’ and ‘Calling Tokyo’ earlier today, I’m reminded that it was a pretty damn good release, and worth checking out if you have chance.

Anyway, new(ish) single ‘Johanna’ has arrived, and I definitely think they’ve hit their groove, a big guitar riff, funky rhythmic intensity and a slightly warped catchy melody. It’s delivered in a stoner rock style, but I think the album will fuse together a variety of influences. It‘s entertaining stuff certainly.

That new album is due out in April, where we’re promised “An explosive, dark and neon saturated party album, where naive, riff based “the Strokes-esque” themes are met with vigorous grooves and cheeky falsettos. The album is about the gritty “BOOM!”s, manic “FUN!”s, gut wrenching “OH FUCK!”s and terrifying “I LOVE Y…”s of life”.

No, I have no idea either, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and pre-order the album on Bandcamp.


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