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Dubinski 🇬🇧 - 'New York Arizona and This' (single)

We've got some lovely new music to share from the Nordic regions and across the world tonight, we'll start relatively close to home for me, with Dubinski and their new single 'New York Arizona and This'.

Some of you may have come across these guys already, they're a band comprising 4 brothers, who are now based in Edinburgh after relocating from Yorkshire in their childhood, and they were releasing music for a number of years as 'Ded Rabbit' before renaming themselves to their mother's maiden name after she sadly passed away. They've already received nominations at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards and accolades for their music, also playing live across the country including 'T in the Park' and at Liverpool Sound City.

Their new single is entitled 'New York, Arizona and This' and it's classic melodic indie, a warmth in the sound that makes them instantly likeable, with lyrics that are so clear and easily relatable that you'll be singing along by the 2nd listen. As I keep saying on these pages, it really is 'all about the tunes', and Dubinski naturally know how to write one.

Check their Facebook and Instagram pages for UK gigs in February, sadly nothing quite close enough for me but I'm sure they'll get back to Manchester soon enough,.

Find them on Instagram and Facebook.


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