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Eee Gee 🇩🇰 - ‘All Or Nothing’ (single)

No, eee gee, not the Bee Gees. Settle down.

She’s Danish, real name Emma Grankvist, and the PR paints a picture of her “wonderfully weird world”. I can vouch for that, judging from this song and video, but in all the nicest ways.

She debuted this spring with the folk-inspired alt-pop song, 'Favourite Lover', and she returns with this one, 'All or Nothing', released on June 25th on the Future Classic label with a live session that is a single-take video.

The song is a journey into the emotions of self-pity and mental awakening. She says, “’All or Nothing’ is about feeling inadequate and sorry for yourself, watching everyone else succeed in life. You’re feeling paralysed from your lack of actions, and slowly realise that you now have to work twice as hard to get where you want to be, because you’ve been snoozing your life away. It’s the unpleasant but important wake up call, the awakening from hibernation.”

A similar sentiment to Evanesence’s ‘Bring me to Life’ and eee gee even has the look of Amy Lee about her in some shots.

The opening to the video is so surreal, with eee gee chilling on her bed while a fish swims aimlessly around its bowl and (presumably) calls out her name, before a microphone suddenly appears out of thin air that you’re half-expecting David Blaine to walk in rather than for her to start singing a piece of Americana tempered with Nordic Noir. “A’ve got no-ah pla-ans’ she coos.

Then, equally suddenly, you realise she possesses a top class voice before she retires unexpectedly to a piano to hum the song out.

I didn’t know what to expect here but I like what I hear and everything about this video suggests she will be a captivating live performer. I suggest she leaves the washing up gloves at home though.

There are so many Nordic artists embracing Americana these days that they should make the five countries the 51st state. And the funny thing is that nearly all of them, including eee gee, do it as well as the Yanks do.

Find her on Facebook.


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