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End of Proof – ‘Morning at Last’ (single)

Sometimes we get sent pages of press release and biography information about a new artist, but we often say to people that doesn’t really matter too much, we just want to hear the music. And that’s definitely the case with Norwegian artist End of Proof, who’s released his debut track ‘Morning at Last’, and I know pretty much nothing about him other than I really like the song.

Behind End of Proof is Norwegian musician Jon Nilsson, who does describe himself as a ‘one man indie band’, which is a positive sign, as I always like writing about multi-instrumentalists. ‘End of Proof’ is the 1st track from a debut album, which is to be entitled ‘To Madness’, an album written about the journey a relationship from start to finish – from before to the initial ‘’madness, and reflections in the aftermath'’.

Morning at Last is a warm melodic track which I liked as soon as I heard it. After the intro it really is all about the tune, and alongside that the dreamy vocals have a pure quality which makes them really appealing. It’s a well written song too, listen out for the big build up after the middle instrumental section. Oh and the one fact that I’ve established is that Uno Moller (Team Me and more) has done some backing vocals on it, and it's always good to have his involvement.

It’s a really impressive debut.

Of course, it’s a perfect track also for the brand new Nordic Music Review Indie playlist, which you can find here.

And you can find End of Proof just on Instagram.


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