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Faratuben - ‘Sira Kura’ (vinyl release)

We don’t normally cover re-releases, but wanted to give a quick mention to Faratuben, a project which brings together musicians from Denmark and Mali.

It all started when 3 young Danish musicians, Mikas Bøgh Olesen, Jakob de Place and Mads Voxen, journeyed to Mali as part of an exchange program of the Conservatoire de Arts et Metiers Multimédia.

Clearly what they heard completely changed their musical perspectives, and Faratuben is the result of a collaboration between the Danes and musicians from Mali. Now, I don’t pretend to be an expert on the styles of the local music, but I’m advised that it is an “electrified version of the centuries-old Bwa and Bobo music, which differs from the traditional Kora sounds of a Toumani Diabaté and Salif Keïta by more pressure and tempo”.

Their album ‘Sira Kura’, which has just been released on vinyl is an enticing mix of rhythms, high tempo instrumentals and tight musicianship throughout. Opening track ‘Mi Nian Mure’ sets the tone of things, and I’ve really enjoyed the whole thing, even if my knowledge of the style of music is lacking.

Find them on Facebook.


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