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Father Earth - ‘Don’t Tempt the Wicked’ (single)

I don’t have much love for any social media platforms now, but Instagram always feels the most positive, and seems to have far less social and political bickering than the others. Thanks to some amazing work from an NMR ‘helper’ we’ve managed to build a better presence there in the last few months, and inevitably it’s enabled us to find some pretty interesting new artists too.

Father Earth are a 4 piece band from Denmark, and their folk / rock influenced music has a simplicity to it that appeals, backed up by interesting lyrical content which is based around their theory that “A well-balanced mix of honesty and humour is the best tool for surviving the modern world.“ This is of course true, although I’d also advocate that music and an almost unhealthy obsession with running helps. Oh yes and wine.

They’ve just released a new single which is entitled ‘Don’t Tempt the Wicked’, and I admit this has certainly taken a few listens to grow on me, so some patience is needed. The opening is particularly delicate, and melodically it doesn’t leap out straight away, but I like the bursts of instrumentals and listening in conjunction with other recent releases, such as ‘The Family Heirloom‘, the gentle thoughtful approach to their songwriting becomes pretty persuasive.

It’s those lyrics too which are worth listening to, with the bands suggestion that “the absurdity of human behaviour is a recurring theme in context of injustice, love and loss.”

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