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Flight Mode 🇳🇴 - ‘Sixteen’ (single)

If truth be told, Flight Mode is one of the duller names I’ve come across for an indie project in the last few years, and slightly surprising given members of the band also play in the far more interestingly named Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson and Little Hands of Asphalt. Actually it goes further, because there’s connections to NMR featured Dråpe, Avind, Psyence Fiction and the unforgettable Ben Leiper, who hopefully are still ‘saving lives and saving goals’.

But Flight Mode it is, and given the pedigree of their connections it’s no surprise that their new track ‘Sixteen’ makes such an impression, a blur of indie guitar noise and catchy melodies, all packed in exactly 3 mins 30 seconds.

It’s the 2nd track from an EP entitled Tx,'98, a nostalgic look back both musically and lyrically from songwriter Sjur Lyseid, who moved to Texas in 1998, finding new friends and music along the way:

The EP is my attempt at tapping into nostalgia in its utmost purity, musically and lyrically. That specific year, that specific place, that specific guitar tuning, those specific bands”.

There’s certainly a fair few influences from bands of that era, but indie rock of this style and class is always welcome.

I get the impression that the EP might be a one off release, recorded as it was back in 2017 in just a few days. Look forward to it anyway, and you can read more (and buy it) on Bandcamp. Can't spot any more Social Media for now.


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