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  • David Bentley

Flora Cash (SE) – ‘Chronically Beautiful’ (single)

It’s such a while since I reviewed Flora Cash that it is lost in the mists of time, somewhere around 2018 I think. Not that they’ve changed much, they always were the archetypal L.A. ‘Beautiful People’ although Cole Randall now resembles the old UK Chancellor Alastair darling with his snow white head hair complicated by black as night eyebrows and beard.

Strangely, it was Soundcloud that was responsible for the coming together of the US/Scandinavia duo comprising Shpresa Lleshaj from Stockholm (and originally from Kosovo) and Cole Randall from Minneapolis. Isn’t that a great name, it’s got ‘GOP Senator’ all over it though I doubt he’ll thank me for saying so. Both musically and romantically they “met” on there in 2012, exchanged songs and notes and eventually got married, maybe in Soundcloud’s offices for all we know.

I’ve lost track of them some, but it seems they’re now up to four EPs, a mini-album and two full-lengths since 2010, the latest being ‘Baby it’s okay’ (2020).

Previously I’d tagged them as being proponents of acoustic R&B with a big production and that Shpresahas quite a vocal likeness to Banks. You’d never know it here but then she doesn’t get much of a look inapart from backing vocals. As for Cole well as strange as it might seem he immediately made me think of Kurt Cobain, he has a similar drawl despite the big difference in the musical styles. There are times in the song when you’re half expecting Grohl to start thrashing the kit and for the song to take off. Plus, I reckon ‘Chronically Beautiful’ would be lyrics drifting into KC’s mind as he spied Courtney entering the apartment. Definitely one of the hottest women in rock.

The little vocal tricks are a distraction at first and probably unnecessary but they don’t actually detract from what is a song you’re quite happy to put on repeat. It could have been a bit longer, being a full minute shorter than much of their output but you can only flatter her so much I suppose.

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