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FLTY BRGR GRL - ‘No More’ (single)

The only thing I’ve ever asked in the last 6 years of NMR is that new bands kindly give themselves names that are easily ‘googleable' – criteria that I set after spending hours looking at pictures of fjords whilst trying to establish more about Norwegian band ‘The Fjords’. So I guess Norwegian duo FLTY BRGR GRL (that’s Filthy Burger Girl obviously) have at least met that criteria, even if I am left with the lesser issue of always spelling their name incorrectly.

But it’s distinctly memorable and the duo have made a pretty instant impression too with new track ‘No More’, which came out just over a week ago. They’re based in Oslo but the track was released through Bergen Diamond Club, and it’s a warm, fuzzy 2 minutes 30 seconds of garage pop.

FLTY BRGR GRL are based around musicians Beatrix and Sarah, although looks like they have an extended line up for live gigs, if photos from their recent performance at Vill Vill Vest are anything to go by. Inspired by “60s vibes, lovey dovey feelings and burgers” they debuted with ‘Be My Boy’ a year ago and followed that up not so long ago with ‘Slowdance’.

As ‘No More’ shows, this is a band who don’t have any false pretensions, somehow mixing chaos with simplicity, charm with attitude and tunes with untunes. Hopefully you’ll understand what I mean when you listen.

Even better watch the video, because it’s great fun and shows what the duo are all about.

Interesting band I think, with plenty to say for themselves. I look forward to their next single almost as much as I do having a 'filthy burger' and going to a gig post lockdown.

Find them on their website, Facebook or Instagram.


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