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flyckt – Spotlight (single from forthcoming debut EP)

With a lot of potential review material for tonight I opted for the Stockholm based artist and producer flyckt, who shares his debut single ‘Spotlight’ which is the first track to be lifted from his debut EP ‘Instant Gratification pt. 1’, out August 28th.

flyckt (real name, Rasmus Flyckt) takes inspiration from a wide spectrum of genres and sounds, merging carefully balanced pop with intense, techno-inspired electronic instrumentation. Nicolas Jaar, SebastiAn and Bon Iver are recent inspirations to his song creation.

He was previously a member of Swedish band Urban Cone and was exposed to life in the studio from an early age. Growing up in a musical household his dad was a world renowned mixing engineer who worked with stars like Britney Spears.

flyckt’s forthcoming ‘Instant Gratification pt. 1’ EP examines escapism, parallel realities, depression, a longing for acceptance, and the search for love and happiness - through a lens of electro-pop. Acceptance, escapism, unrequited love and depression are common features of Swedish male solo artists but I have to say ‘parallel realities’ is a new one. Quantum Physics comes to pop music.

He says, “Spotlight was one of the first songs I wrote after I got out of a toxic relationship (Hm, shades of Britney) with my then-girlfriend. I remember thinking to myself why I let this go so far. Everyone is in the Spotlight in their lives, and maybe that can be counterproductive in some sense. Like, it’s harder to take action cause you’re afraid that everyone is gonna judge you. I believe this song was a message to myself saying that it’s gonna be fine. If you want change, you have to take action.”

Of the broader EP he says, “It’s raw, just like life itself. Listening to Instant Gratification pt. 1 is like opening a window to my life. You may not like what you see, but at least it’s an open window. I’m not sure if love is a shortcut to happiness or self-fulfilling. I’m still trying to figure out what stimulates me, and right now it’s progress in music. Making people feel something.”

Well, I’m gonna state this, Rasmus. The main attraction to me of ‘Spotlight’ is that it is a trifle dangerous but in an old-fashioned way. flyckt himself could be a sort of Nordic James Dean and the video pushes the envelope without breaking the seal of good taste. In fact it comes across as a moderated version of Britney’s ‘Toxic’ video except the girlfriend isn’t an air stewardess and she doesn’t rub her backside into his crotch in the cabin toilets.

“Spotlight” is out now. Debut EP Instant Gratification pt.1 is released August 28th via Humming Records.

Find him on Instagram.


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