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Fram (Finland) - 'Endless (Hi And Welcome to Being Tired)' (single)

I’m really excited about the next week, because I genuinely think I have some great music on my list to write about, and with jet-pack sales going through a slump, I’m hopeful of having the time to get through as many as possible. So what do I know about Finnish band Fram. Well pretty much nothing to be honest, other than one curious line that they’re a “musical collective that was founded on the grave of a largely forgotten Finnish indie band”. Now I know that some would comment that most Finnish indie bands are largely forgotten, but that makes me even more intrigued to find out who they were, because there’s nothing I like more than discovering a really obscure Finnish band. I’ll have to find out. Anyway according to their Facebook page this collective seems to comprise at least 7 people, and if my Finnish language skills are to be believed (from their video premiere in Rumba), they might sometimes increase their numbers to 10 musicians. Oh and they describe themselves on social media as “Radiohead playing D'angelo's songs – but remixed by Massive Attack. Plus someone is yelling a review of Prince's first album in the hallway outside”. Intriguing. And they’re from Helsinki. So I take back what I said, I actually know a fair bit about Fram. Also their music is so cool and sophisticated that those Radiohead / Massive Attack / Prince references are quite fitting, and debut single ‘Endless (Hi and Welcome to Being Tired)’ is a groovy and complex song, that seems to fully utilise their sizeable bunch of musicians, fusing together jazz, soul, pop, rock and progressive styles along the way. Shimmering melodies and a saxophone carry the track along, before a knock out guitar solo takes over (easily the best I’ve heard this year) and then a huge swell of instrumental noise brings the whole thing to a climax. Really unusual and very well performed, these guys can clearly really play.

The single will feature on a new EP entitled ”Something Keeps Me From Sending That Text To You”, that’s coming out on 7th May.

Find them on Facebook. Or Instagram.


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