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  • David Bentley

FRUM (Faroe Islands/Iceland) – ‘Again and Again’ (single)

I just read Andy’s in-depth analysis of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and his tips and now I’m off to Betfred to take a punt on Iceland’s Daði Freyr but before I do I thought I’d give a quick listen to the new single from FRUM which came out today (21st May).

The last time we had FRUM (Jenný Kragesteen) on board I believe she was based in Germany but it appears she has now moved to Iceland and judging from the image we received it looks as if she’s doing some sort of Druid impersonation in the vicinity of the volcano that’s going off there.

And the song erupts too, in its own way. It’s quite different from the catchy, dancy ‘The Only Way’ which we featured last year and which has been re-released as a double A-side along with ‘Again and Again’.

This one is slower, at least early doors, and more serious in tone; in fact it sets off like it was recorded in a monastery. There’s a great deal of electronic instrumentation and the main melody kicks along with a strident drum beat in about a third of the way through along with a ratcheting up of the volume and pace,and after that there’s no looking back. Except that it disappointingly fizzles out right at the end, just after it has stoked itself up for a big finish. So many artists do that these days and I don’t understand why.

But that is a mere trifle. All-in-all it’s a good, modern pop song and one which she emotes particularly well. I’m not sure why this isn’t the Faroe Islands’ Eurovision entry. Do they have one? If not, why not?

If it were I reckon I’d be tempted into an each way bet with Daði and FRUM because it does have that Euro vibe about it.

‘Again and Again’ is out now via hfn Music.

Find her on Facebook.


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