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  • David Bentley

Gaeya – Truth (single)

Gaeya sufficiently impressed with her previous single, ‘Contact’ to justify an early return to these pages.

I hope Gaeya never becomes a politician. In this song she’s seeking ‘transparency’ in today’s world and that’s something she would never find in that world.

She says, “’Truth’ is a song written as a call for transparency throughout society. A lot of the division we see today comes from a lack of authenticity and transparency from authorities in all areas like corporations, banks and governments. All the way to our closest communities and ourselves as individuals. Most people spend their time trying to make others happy, and we all have a longing for love and acceptance from others before thinking of ourselves and what truly makes us happy. However, we have to start honouring our feelings and ourselves first before we can fully radiate with love and respect for others - regardless of thoughts and beliefs. The truth can sometimes be hard to face but with the single ‘Truth’ we want to share the liberation and relief we can feel once the truth is out. This song is to inspire celebration and freedom instead of anger and fear of the things that have been suppressed.”

All very worthy but my first reaction was that it is the right message at the wrong time. That everyone has been overtaken by events and that such generalisations about the human condition have become a little anachronistic and for that reasons the song will not resonate as much as it might have done at other times.

Her previous song, ‘Contact’, was perhaps more apt, one calling for awakening and connection amid an increasingly disconnected world. That one did strike a chord.

Musically, I think this is a better track than ‘Contact.’ There’s a fairly dense percussive instrument opening which grabs your attention and when the vocal comes in her range is greater than on the previous song. The chorus is catchy, too, almost anthemic, while the rhythmic tribal drums help create the raw, natural atmosphere befitting her environmental credentials.

She’s widely compared to ‘early Björk’, but in truth I think that is doing Gaeya a disservice. She’s very much her own artist and on the strength of this song one we’ll be hearing more of.

Find her on Facebook or on her website.


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