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Gim Kordon - ‘Betoni kukkii’ (single)

I was going to simply add the new Gim Kordon single to the Nordic Music Review Spotify playlist without writing too much about the track itself, but ‘Betoni kukkii’ has continued to grow on me every time I’ve heard it.

We’ve featured them previously when they released their song ‘Joskus mä pelkään’ back in August, a welcome comeback for the band who previously hadn’t released any material since 2015. Lead vocalist Aleksi has continued to release music under the name Local Al, but with a minor adjustment to the original line-up that formed back in 2012, the band are now back recording ahead of a 2021 album release.

Betoni kukkii’ (‘Concrete Blooms’) is a blistering guitar led track, which apparently is a real favourite at live gigs and I can understand why. Their return single in August seemed to be ‘louder’ than previous releases I’d heard, but ‘Betoni kukkii‘ takes things even further with a searing cacophony of noise, with a marvellous racket coming from the guitars and Aleksi’s vocals somehow being heard above the din.

Of course it’s all in Finnish so I have no idea exactly what they’re saying. However the band explain. “Betoni kukkii is a story of how often life growing up in the suburbs is a roll of the dice, a struggle and trying to get by, but also of how a sense of community in even the roughest areas is so often the only thing that provides a sense of security”.

True, especially in these hard times.

We look forward to that Gim Kordon album in 2021. In fact, we just look forward to 2021.

Find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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