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Gim Kordon - Joskus mä pelkään (single)

We wrote about Rami Vierula a few days ago, and there some connections between him and Finnish indie band Gim Kordon, notably because they’ve both previously released music through our favourite Finnish indie label Soliti. I’m going to make a wild guess they’ve probably played the occasional gig together, or shared a festival stage too..

But it’s been rather a long while since Gim Kordon released any new music, which has now been corrected now thanks to new song Joskus mä pelkään (“Sometimes I Fear’’). It’s an early taste of a long awaited album, which is due in 2021.

Gim Kordon were, of course, named as a tribute to Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, after they supported the American band at a Finnish music festival. They released an album entitled “Ei Ole Helppoo” whilst lead vocalist frontman Aleksi also releases music under the name Local Al, and he’s known too for his work as a human rights activist.

Anyway Joskus mä pelkään is another song written entirely in Finnish, so it’s probably best to let singer Aleksi explain more - ”the track was originally referred to by its working title The Posies during band practices; it has clear references to the golden age of our favourite band. It’s also fun that I met Janne (new bassist) for the first time at The Posies’ gig at the legendary Tavastia club in Helsinki in 1996, and I also got to know drummer Alexandros Karoutsos around the same time,”

It’s an upbeat indie power pop track, which doesn’t try to be too subtle musically, just lets the guitars carry the track forward with joyous abandon - maybe a little less ‘fuzzy’ than some earlier releases I remember listening to. With a big chorus, energy throughout, it’s a great return to form for the band, and I’m already looking forward to their 2021 release.

Take a listen:

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