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Glue Kiss 🇩🇰 - ‘You Sting Like My Wasted Youth’ (single from album ‘Platonic’)

We featured Norwegian band Onsloow with their quite ‘easy listening’ form of indie rock, but Glue Kiss from Denmark add some raw emotion and energy to their music – as well as turning their guitars up just a little louder. They’ve just released their debut album ‘Platonic’.

They describe themselves as a ‘post punk trio’, which is probably about right (well there’s definitely 3 of them), and their directness also resulted in them apparently releasing an album without going through the normal process of singles / EP’s over a number of years. These guys clearly know what they want to do.

I had the one pre-album single they released ‘Silhouette Kiss’ on my personal listening playlist for a while, but I think the album in it’s entirely is more impressive. Sometimes post punk bands aren’t quite as good at slipping melodies into their tracks, but Glue Kiss definitely have ‘tunes’ at the centre of their songwriting.

Dealbreaker’ typifies their direct and high intensity approach, whilst ‘Melissa in the Wall’ has a really ‘pop’ feel to it. But actually ‘You Sting Like My Wasted Youth’ is my highlight, and clearly a band favourite too, which they describe as “an exploration of shifting dynamics and mixed emotions“. Indeed, it seems to fuse together grunge, art rock and pop, with a big melody that will keep churning around your head and delightfully dirty and noisy guitars to contrast. Slightly unusual too.

Anyway, check out ‘Platonic’.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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