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  • David Bentley

Grasspeople - Chewbacca’s Hairy but Han Solo Is Slick (album re-release, sample track)

The Sundsvall (central-north Sweden) cult-band Grasspeople's album ‘Chewbacca’s Hairy but Han Solo Is Slick…’ turns 25 years old this year. An unusual band name and album title, but a sign of the times.

To celebrate, a 25-year anniversary edition has been released, on all digital services. The entire album is a new remixed and re-mastered one, complemented by bonus material in the form of early demo tracks and live recordings from the band's legendary concerts.

Grasspeople started as a studio project in 1992 with inspiration from the British Acid Jazz scene, influenced by bands like Galliano, Brand New Heavies, Young Disciples and Incognito, among others. But it was when he saw Galliano live in Uppsala that the idea to make his own music in that direction was born, according to Jocke Sandström who is one of the band's founders.

In 1993, the single ‘Party & Bullshit’ was released on Sidelake Productions / Virgin Records and quickly became a cult hit at Swedish rare grooves & acid jazz clubs. This led to requests for live gigs, and the studio project was quickly expanded to a full live setting.

The summer of 1994 saw the debut album and in 1995 the original version of ‘Chewbacca's Hairy butHan Solo Is Slick’ was released.

In 2020, the original tapes have been mixed and mastered with new technology. Bonus material has been rediscovered and refurbished.

When we mixed the record during the winter of 94-95, it was a collective effort and we were young, stubborn and not very experienced in the studio. I have long thought that the record deserved a better sound and as a 25th anniversary, it fits well with a renovation”, says Magnus Pejlert who played guitar in the band and has now taken care of the new mix and master.

Here is a sample track from the album; I suppose it had to be this one. As 2020 ends, we all need a little Party & Bullshit. It lies somewhere between a warm-up at Ronnie Scott’s for The Fast Show’s ‘Jazz Club’, the Bonzo Dogs and something the Tony Ferrino (Steve Coogan) band might conjure up.


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