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Introducing... Great Park Avenue with single ‘‘Blue World’ (single)

Great Park Avenue might sound like a 'green' street on the Milton Keynes edition of Monopoly, but they’re actually the latest in a long line of indie bands that are still emerging heavily influenced by the Britpop era. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, we’ve frequently featured bands such as Pastis from Finland who fit under the same category, and there will always be room for one more.

I guess their success will determined by how good their ‘tunes’ are, and debut single ‘Blue World’ is a pretty good debut,

So Great Park Avenue are a trio from Sweden, and they were previously known by the name ‘Mambo’, bravely debuting in London in 2018, before heading back to play mainly on the Stockholm indie music scene in 2018 and 2019. Unfortunately their plans this year have been hit by Covid, which is obviously a shame, because you feel every young band needs that time playing the local music venue scene for a couple of years, and finding their feet.

Blue World’ sounds pretty good, which builds slowly to a big indie chorus, and they’re clearly a band who are trying to play in a refined indie style. I haven’t quite connected to the music yet, but maybe I need to understand more about them. There are more singles due in the next couple of months, that should give us a better idea.

This is ‘Blue World’:

It wouldn't surprise me to see them start appearing on those festival stages in 2021, the future is looking bright for these guys

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