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Green Sky Accident 🇳🇴 - ‘Daytime TV’ (album)

I frequently forget about which bands and artists I’ve written about over the last 8 years, but one band I always remember is Norwegian 4 piece Green Sky Accident, whom I first wrote about in 2015 when they released ‘Fever Dreams’. Not only do they make a pretty good noise, but they fulfil the most important criteria for an aspiring band of having a fairly unforgettable name.

In typically hapless style I missed their follow up releases in 2017, and since then they’ve hidden themselves away busily writing more songs, and ‘Daytime TV’ is the result, an album which also has extra credibility being released through the marvellous Apollon label, home to the likes of Major Parkinson and Slomosa - they come from Bergen and even shared a gig with the excellent Dobbeltgjenger recently, which must have been a fun evening.

As for ‘Daytime TV’, it’s a good melodic indie rock album, which varies between ‘full on’ alternative rock to dream rock, shoegaze and even some indie pop moments too. But the key element that holds it together is the big melodies, as shown in ‘In Vain’ and in particular the epic ‘Point of No Turn’, an undoubted highlight with a blissful vocal tune and guitars that remind me of another band who excel in big instrumental melodies, The Stillwalkers.

Insert Coin’ is catchy, whilst ‘Screams at Night’ is powerful and more intense. For sure I do probably miss the lyrical themes of the album, because I don’t quite hear all the words and phrases, but I’m sure they’re singing happily enough about ‘Escape to the Country’ and ‘Homes under the Hammer’, and I’m not an expert myself anyway. Meanwhile latter longer tracks such as ‘Sensible Scenes’ and While We Lasted’ show not just the bands songwriting skills, but their love of big almost post rock style instrumental sections too.

Anyway it’s great to be able to write about Green Sky Accident again, and it certainly won’t be the last time, as I’d suggest they are still a band getting better as they ‘mature’, with bigger, more interesting sounds, and always good melodies at the heart of their songs. And you’ll never forget the name either.

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