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GRETA - 'Wild and Young' EP

Danish based musician GRETA has released an EP ‘Wild and Young’ through 'Arlo and Betty Recordings', a charming, thoughtful and well constructed set of tracks which we’re delighted to give some coverage too. There’s even a nice story behind the release too, with Faroese musician Teitur originally recorded them as demo's with GRETA when they met at the Danish Conservatory a few years ago. Re-discovering the music on his PC last year, he took them to his label, who agreed to release them, with GRETA travelling to the Faroe Islands to record the tracks in a studio, and Teitur producing the songs. Now the order of things might seem a little curious, as GRETA released the 1st part of her debut album back in the Autumn (Ardent Spring, Part 1) and she plans to release the 2nd part of that later in the year. But clearly when a label offers to release your music I guess you’re hardly going to say no, and on balance I probably prefer the gentler, lo-fi charms of ‘Wild and Young’, because they seem to be so personal. Title track ‘Wild and Young’ opens, and immediately it's GRETA's vocals which shine through, a sliding Americana style with subtle pauses to focus our attention. At over 6 minutes I can’t help thinking it loses its way a little in the middle section, but the main musical theme is pretty convincing. ‘When You Die’ has well judged string support that build slowly, but never overwhelm the vocals, whilst the stripped back style of ‘Wilderness’ suits her voice really well. The EP concludes with 'Undone', and this time I do think the 6 minute length of track works well, because there's an intensity in both the vocal and guitar in the opening section, whilst the unusual sound texture they create in the latter part of the track is as powerful as it is melancholy - and slightly unnerving too.

For more information on GRETA visit her on Bandcamp and on Facebook. She was supposed to be heading off on tour with Teitur in March and April, but sadly all the dates have been cancelled - they are working on alternative dates.


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