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Gudfinnur 🇮🇸 - ‘Light’ (single)

Just a short one tonight, but it’s a genuinely interesting project courtesy of Icelandic musician Guðfinnur Sveinsson, more commonly known for being a member of the excellent post rock band For A Minor Reflection, who should be familiar to most people.

He’s just released his 1st solo track 'Light’ under the name Gudfinnur, and it’s a really atmospheric release which will almost demands your attention from the opening solitary piano note.

It certainly utilises those vast post rock influences, but actually the track has more of an ambient and neo classical backdrop, with Gudfinnur’s whispered but still tuneful vocals complementing the style of song rather nicely – it’s certainly sensitively phrased.

We’re told that ‘Light’ is ”a story of love and loss in a soundscape located somewhere between the physical realm and our world of dreams.”

Impressive and a very promising debut, the only negative being that at just over 2 minutes it does feel a little fleeting. But then he probably doesn’t want everything to maintain the post rock track length format, and I’m sure that his album (due for release later this year) will allow us to really get inside his music with some more substantial length tracks.

Looking forward to it anyway.

Find him on Facebook. Or Instagram.


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