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  • David Bentley

Gurli Octavia (Denmark) - ‘I Didn't Love You in Vain’ (demo track)

Things have a funny way of coming around in this business. Having been sent a PR email featuring a new boy band which I’m sorry to say couldn’t win me over the very next YouTube video was for what appears to be a new song from Gurli Octavia, the existence of which I was entirely ignorant of.

Gurli mentioned while we were interviewing her that she had a lot of new material waiting to be recorded, perhaps two or even three album’s worth. Bring it on.

I can’t say whether or not this is one of the songs, in its formative stage, which will find its way on to the next album but it might be, in which case we’ve all got ourselves a scoop.

I reckon I’ve said enough about Gurli over the last few months but I’ll add this nugget anyway. It is only the really great artists who can sit in front of a mic in their own living room and rustle up genuine heartfelt emotion just like that. She seems to go almost into a trance.

And her voice gets silkier every time she performs.

Recently I’ve been watching videos of Janis Joplin, a different kind of artist altogether but one who manages to stir up the same reaction in me as Gurli does. And that’s some company to be mentioned in.

I love this raw black and white video as well, in which we are treated to Gurli’s best ‘bulldog eating a wasp’ face at the beginning.

I know she was a little hesitant about making this video public at first but I’m glad she did.

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