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happydieyoung 🇳🇴 - 'Superhappy (EP)

I feel the city of Bergen is really treating us this week, with a wealth of releases including Aurora, Major Parkinson and that absolute 'banger' of a track from duo Misty Coast, along with an announcement they have a London gig in December - we just need The Megaphonic Thrift to pop over a concert too, and 2022 is definitely a good year.

And there's actually connections between all those projects to fellow Bergen musicians happydieyoung, a band I last wrote about when they released never understated single 'The Matador and Bull at the Ball'. Now a full EP is out, and it's pretty marvellous too.

They're an interesting band, again slightly defying the genre definitions, alternative pop, euro pop, indie, with influences taken from across the spectrum. They're a duo I think in the studio that expand for live shows, which I suspect are a real spectacle based on their press photos and opener to the new EP 'SUPERHAPPY'.

I love the contrasts in 'Dancing in Limbo', with pretty sad lyrics that set out our cycle of sad mundane materialism ("I bought a new jacket, it made me feel happy, but now it just sits their next to the rest"), yet musically it builds euphorically with a series of anthemic tunes that would bring the house down at a Eurovision show. Without question it's one of my favourite tracks of the year.

There another contrast to 'Happy Ever After', a gentle, persuasive track with a meandering melody and an almost prog rock influenced sentiment, before the brilliantly titled pop anthem 'hell is not so bad when your friends are there' allows us to focus on some lovely lyrics that again mix sadness with optimism, and a simple but lovely theme focussing on the importance of friendships.

And I've written about 'The Matador and Bull at the Ball', again these guys just write really great tunes, all delivered with a big theatrical flourish, extravagant instrumental support and a sense that they always have something to say.

I do love happydieyoung and 'SUPERHAPPY' is just great fun, with music to cry, laugh, dance and celebrate both the desperation and wonder of life, and I really look forward to their long awaited album.

Find them on Instagram and Facebook.


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