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he is tall. 🇩🇰 - ‘it’s always been you.’ (EP)

Back in sunny June I introduced Danish songwriter he is tall., who demonstrated through his 'Snow Fortress.' single that he was an artist determined to write nice tunes, as well as cause havoc with my grammar checking thanks to the punctuation mark after his name and song titles - although I realise regular readers will be astonished at my claim that I check anything related to either spelling or grammar.

Anyway he returned a few weeks ago with an EP entitiled 'it's always been you.' and I've really enjoyed this, it has some lovely musical arrangements, personal relatable lyrics and a quirky melodic touch which always keeps things interesting. The only thing that's missing is a few capital letters.

Writing about the EP, the tall man himself Troels Thorkild Sørensen says "The songs are circling around people I have met throughout my life and how every single destiny is unique. What our struggles are, when we are on the bumpy ride from adolescence to adulthood. The road is undulating and it’s possible to crash anytime, due to whatever might come at you: inner and outer expectations, unrequited love, addiction, mental illness, loneliness, toxic masculinity – boiling in one big cauldron."

It opens with the lovely 'new york.', gentle picked guitar and vocal melody, with the subtlest of string accompaniments and all the attention is therefore pushed on the sweet, honest lyrics - "we haven't really talked since, but that's how our lives go, and I hope you are ok". In 'you could just take me' he again uses clever arrangements to support the melodies, this time with a trumpet creating a different musical texture to the arrangements.

'mind your manners.' is catchy for sure, but does stray slightly too far towards a number of artists that i can think of, but the simplicity of 'this is real.' appeals far more, and I certainly like the intent of creating a track which feels so different. The EP ends with the previously featured 'snow fortress.', still a really catchy song worthy of your favourite playlists.

I like this. I think his songwriting will continue to mature and improve, yet 'new york.' and 'snow fortress.' are already excellent stand out songs, whilst the instrumental arrangements are clever enough to keep the EP interesting throughout.

Find him on Facebook and Instagram.


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