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Herr Nilsson 🇳🇴- 'I Like Good Times' (single)

It's a weekly tradition that I need cheering up at about 4.50pm on a Saturday with some good Nordic music (there's somebody out there who will get this reference), and this weeks tonic comes courtesy of Herr Nilsson, a band that somewhat criminally we haven't featured before on these pages.

They're yet another good Bergen band, and they've been active for 20 years, so clearly they must be having at least some fun, and their variety of indie pop is very much based around a quite simple strategy of writing big pop tunes, backed by a bubbling brass section. Of course it may be a simple approach, but it's actually extremely difficult to deliver (if it was easy, everyone would be doing it), but with 'I Like Good Times' they've delivered pretty much the perfect indie pop song.

Opening with a Vampire Weekend style beat and a cheery bobbing bass line, the brass get in there early with their inevitable bright contribution, but this is really all about the melodies, and they seem to layer on tune upon tune, until the whole band are seemingly at one, joyously singing and exhorting their melodic happiness from the rooftops.

The band simply say about the song: "The lyrics are about the power of a pop song. We wanted to make a big anthemic song about our love for pop music, and thats what we did. We hope it makes your day better!"

Well they've absolutely done that. And I realise this isn't quite going to make the poster quotes, but who needs the 1st round of the FA Cup when you have Herr Nilsson?

Herr Nilsson play the Victoria Bar and Cafe in Bergen tonight, 14th October. Find them on Facebook.


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