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  • David Bentley

Holiday Listening #1. Crewish - Unemployed Blacksmiths (Covers) EP

As the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish says, “peculiar times spawn peculiar ideas, and that`s exactly what our beloved Crew has been up to lately!”

Nightwish released their own latest studio album in April and now their road crew has recorded a five-song album – CREWISH - Unemployed Blacksmiths’ - featuring their interpretations of five Nightwish songs with everything played, sung and recorded by them. Composer/keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen says, “it`s something guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.”

He adds, “Our branch of industry has been struck hard by the recent events, and if you wish to support our Crew in a tangible way, please join us and get your copy of this once-in-a-lifetime album now, available only from Nightwish Shop.”

All the profits from this album will go directly to the technicians, the band or the record label (Nuclear Blast) will not receive any monies.

Other bands are sure to follow. Nightwish/CREWISH have dropped this teaser for the release, which will be released on September 18th 2020.

All instruments and vocals are by CREWISH but there is one little problem. Despite Nightwish having (and had) three of the leading female vocalists in the world amongst their number over the last 24 years CREWISH don’t appear to have one themselves in their own 12 members.

So just to remind them of the task facing them here is one of the tracks, ‘Sleeping Sun’, performed by the band at their final ‘End of an Era’ show in Helsinki in 2005, and sung by Tarja Turunen. Good luck, lads.


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