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  • David Bentley

Holiday Listening #4. Husmo Hav – Never Ending Summer (single)

Chance would be a fine thing you might say but this ‘Never Ending Summer’ came to be after the European heat wave of 2018.

Written by synth maestro Marte Eberson (Highasakite, Eberson, LöV), who to my surprise is a member of this band too, it captures the ambivalence of enjoying a summer that goes on and on – longer than it perhaps should (and as it did in Scandinavia in the summer of ’18). Straddling a line between instrumental indie and electronic jazz it suits Eberson’s formal jazz background perfectly.

Nordic Music Review have written about and interviewed these guys before, and the band has quite a pedigree. Apart from Eberson there are musicians from Oslo’s highly regarded The Switch (Tore Flatjord on drums) and from within Norway’s comprehensive jazz scene (trumpeter Thomas Husmo Litleskare and bassist Stian Andreas Egeland Andersen).

It starts off like the soundtrack to a Colombo episode as the ragged but dogged lieutenant ponders another apparently insolvable ‘whodunit?’ Then at the end, well, never mind Eberson, there are some parts of it that are pure Keith Emerson.

Listen here:

Find them here:


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