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In Short: Brynja 🇮🇸 - Repeat (Album)

I don't think I've covered Brynja before, she's an Icelandic artist who currently lives in the Netherlands, and I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that she studied in Norway along the way too, with a contemporary dance degree, a background in street theatre and now developing her expertise as an audio engineer - a musician, but clearly a pretty talented artist and technician all round.

Musically she's released a series of tracks and an EP over the last few years, and debut album 'Repeat' includes a couple of singles she's released along the way. It's a light, easy listening folk pop release which appeals straight from opener 'Fight', although it's 'Easy' that suits her gentle floaty folk vocals most, and a song that apparently received good airplay on Icelandic radio.

'My Oh My' has an infectious catchy lilt to it, with a clarity in the production too that I think works well, whilst the horizontally laid back jazz infused 'Breathe' really takes time and is all the better for it, a track to really get lost in. But maybe the best is saved until last, as the album concludes with the airy, atmospheric and very Nordic sounding 'Aftur' and 'Aftur'.

In some ways this has more of a 'commercial' leaning to it than I normally cover, yet 'Repeat' is released with real indie spirit, a natural sounding and persuasive set of tracks that are gentle, totally understated and with a good sound throughout. Definitely worth a listen.

Find Brynja on Facebook and Instagram.


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