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  • Andy

Indie Playlist Update 05/09

Time for a long overdue update to the Indie Playlist. It includes a few tracks missed during the summer break as well as some new releases from the last week.

So it's a very warm welcome back to Thea & The Wild, Pelicat, Cinnamon Space Machine, Moon Panda, Major Parkinson (ft Peri Winkle), The Forever Now, Treemer, NEØV, Catch the Breeze, Collie Magnum, Melby, Eerie Glue, William Torp, Sonic Løland, Siv Jakobsen, DØSSI, Arny Margret, Mia Berg, Francis Moon and our favourite 3.5 piece band Small Boy.

I don't think we've featured tracks (although I can be forgetful) from the likes of Bo Milli, Vinyl Floor, Poly, Quantum Dot (a project from Luxembourg featuring Thorunn Egilsdottir from the fantastic WHEN ‘AIRY MET FAIRY), Balloon Maker, Hafnia Pop, For Tirsa, Sam Shingler, Aleksi Oksanen, SUPER POWER, Tania Mila, Lille Mads, Wilma Olivia, Robert Church & The Holy Community, Spaceland and Last Place Runner-ups.

Plus there's 2 tracks from Finnish project Knife Girl, as both recent releases are just that good.

With apologies for the inevitable typo's.


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