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Introducing... Bad Sauna with track 'Haluun pois'

We often seem to get some lovely surprises from the Finnish underground music scene, but such a good new single from Helsinki band Bad Sauna maybe isn’t such a surprise, given its been sent our way via new indie label All That Plazz, who we’ve already mentioned recently courtesy of having Gim Kordon and Mummypowder on their roster.

The new single is called ‘Haluun pois’ (“I Wanna Get Out”), and it was released on Friday, just the 3rd from the band who debuted with a great song called ‘Moon Sun’ earlier this year – I just love the layers of guitar sound. They’re a 4 piece band based around musician Felix Lybeck, a folk musician turned electric indie songwriter, who joined together with his friend Santeri Hytönen, then later Aliisa Keränen and Sakari Kumpula, who also features in the band Henrik!

Those debut tracks made a fair impression on Finnish radio, and the band are now heading towards the release of a debut album entitled ‘Olen rikas sillä minulla on teidät’ ('I’m Rich Because I’ve Got You'), due in December.

Again it’s just the sound of the guitars in ‘Haluun pois’ that get this track going from the start, but then they hold back to let Felix Lybeck’s wistful vocals set out the lyrical content. Its entirely in Finnish, but he tells us that the song deals with ‘’escaping reality through partying and intoxicants. Sometimes it can be so hard to cope with certain things that it’s easier just to drown your sorrows, until you find out you’ve drowned yourself completely’’.

I guess most of us have done that at some point to at least some extent.

This is such a good song, as is ‘Moon Sun’ to be honest. Check them both out on your favoured streaming service, but keep a look out for the new album, as it will be released on vinyl through All That Plazz.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram. You can find All That Plazz here.


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