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Introducing… Cederfeldt 🇸🇪 - ‘Bats and Ivy’ (single)

There really aren’t that many releases coming through as we hit summer holiday season, but I do have a few tracks from the last couple of months, and this release from Cederfeldt was actually from much earlier in the year, but I only came across it recently.

Behind the name is the Swedish musician and songwriter Hanna Sahlberg, and the track ‘Bats and Ivy’ is the 1st release under the Cederfeldt moniker, a gentle and thoughtful song which uses the imagery of the forest to explain the complexities of the mind.

She’s been explaining more about the track:

The song is about about not holding back though memories and traumas from the past that might haunt you. It's about the tendency to fight towards yourself instead of just moving with the flow and accepting what is. The forest is a metaphor for your inside, because for me, my thoughts, feelings and so on can truly feel like a forest, because there's so much to it and you can really lose track and get lost if you're not aware and present in the moment.”

I hope you’ll take a listen, because Cederfeldt is one of those songwriters that will calmly draw you in to her world, with persuasive lyrics and an expressive soft manner in her delivery. Of course there’s a lot of Scandinavian folk influenced artists out there releasing tracks in this genre, but there’s always room for one more, and there’s certainly always space in NMR too.

I look forward to future releases.


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