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Introducing... Jo Yonderly (Sweden) - ‘Dead inside the inside’ (single)

It’s very kind of Swedish label Rama Lama to sneak out a release early on a Wednesday, when this Friday is going to be such a hectic day – Black Twig, Pom Poko and fellow label mates Kindsight all have releases due, and a fair few more no doubt. And it’s quite a curious one too, from the mysterious Jo Yonderly, an artist so new that Spotify didn’t seem to want us to find him when I looked earlier.

Apparently the label received some demos a long time ago and have only just tracked him down ‘after years of searching’. Of course this possibly could be taken with a pinch of salt, but we’ll go along with it, because they’ve even released a teaser video on ‘the journey’ to find him, which I’ve included below. It’s certainly ‘a teaser’.

Musically his debut track is just as curious, it just rattles along at steam train pace, at least a futuristic one, with echoing vocals and a magical moment half way through, where time slows down and seems to head backwards. Maybe it’s psych, but certainly not as we know it.

Anyway on Bandcamp Jo Yonderly suggests ‘I generally don't like blogs and papers, and so it evens out, but if you have to quote me, tell them it's about mental illness’.

I like this guy. I also certainly like ‘Dead inside the inside’. Looking forward to the next release, and further videos on the search to find him.

Here's that video anyway:

You can find him however on Facebook apparently. And Instagram.


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