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Introducing... Marie Mill (Norway) - ‘Sunshine’ (single)

I rather optimistically booked a hotel for an event in October today, and what with that and the lighter evenings and the early signs of spring bursting into life, maybe things are finally looking up slightly. And Norwegian duo Marie Mill seems to be on the same page, with their bright indie folk track ‘Sunshine’, which was released just a couple of days ago.

The musicians behind Marie Mill are Iris Marie and Oskar Emil, and they’re actually now based in Berlin, which (as an outsider) seems to have a fairly vibrant folk scene, but clearly their influences are very much Nordic. They released a track entitled ‘Sleeping Beauty’ last April, whilst in ‘Sunshine’ they’ve gathered additional musicians to play on the track, as there is a complexity in the instrumentation with trumpet and violin both featuring too.

The result is a song that will take you high up on Norwegian hillsides into the midst of nature. Iris Marie’s vocals tumble and arpeggio down like a babbling stream or waterfall, but it’s a hazy vision too, dreamy folk that will take you far from the stresses of daily life. The instrumentation adds something a little different too, with subtle brass sounds infused into the mix, and whilst it almost meanders completely off the map at times, I like the intent and the vision of these guys.

This is ‘Sunshine’.

Find them on Facebook Or Bandcamp.


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