• Andy Wors

Introducing... Stoned Statues (Finland) - ‘Demento’ (single / video)

I’m going to make no apologies for keeping my introductions / features short and sweet this week, because I really want to get through as many artists as possible.

Stoned Statues are a metal / progressive / punk from Finland, they’ve just released their debut single entitled ‘Demento’, and they’re understandably pretty proud of it too, given the band are born out of the childhood friendships of band members Allu and Markus, so it’s clear there’s a lot of years of thought and care / love has gone into the track.

They joined together with a third member Jenna, whom they met at art school, and for a trio these guys make an impressive noise. For sure there’s some ‘classic’ rock / metal elements to the song, to my untrained ear at least, but I like the punchy guitar riffs and drum combinations that give the song an edge, and it opens up into an unapologetically anthemic chorus belted out by Jenna.

Check out the video here, they really bring the track to life, and this seems to have had a pretty good response online. Definitely a band to look out for as they release an album sometime in 2021.

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