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Jacques Labouchere - ‘Like California’ (single)

Summer almost arrived momentarily, so to celebrate we have 2 quick mentions of summery songs, and coincidentally both are about California. Firstly NMR favourite Jacques Labouchere is back with the 3rd single from his forthcoming album, which is due for release this Autumn. It’s called ‘Like California’.

That album sounded so far away when we first wrote about it early this year, but the normal boundaries of time seem to have been messed around with a little this year.

Anyway it’s an upbeat, unapologetically bright, breezy song but still written in a slightly retro style, with a big chorus. I think my favourite song from his single releases this year has been ‘Lost Goals’, but ‘Like California’ will contrast well no doubt with some of the more in-depth and ‘pointed’ tracks on the album.

Take a listen here.

As always I love the artwork on Jacques Labouchere tracks, and this is no exception. Spontoonist is responsible for it all, and you can find him here.

Find him on Facebook or Instagram.


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