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Jacques Labouchere (Sweden) - ‘? in D’ (single)

As we’ve established already, it’s National Hat Day, so it’s only appropriate that we feature our favourite hat wearing Swedish based troubadour, Jacques Labouchere, who returns today with a brand new single entitled ‘? In D’.

Hopefully readers will remember the Connecticut born singer, whom we first came across when he played at marvellous and much missed Carefully Planned festival in Manchester way back in 2016. Since then we featured his album ‘Piece’ and a few singles, particularly in the last 12 months as he prepares for the release of his new album.

Anyway the title of the new single might seem a little curious, but actually there’s a lovely simple premise behind the song, in that it’s written in dedication to his father who passed away back in 2010, although as he explains: ‘this song is for anyone who has lost a parent or loved one in the past or now in these extraordinarily challenging times’.

We feature a lot of different styles of music, from commercial pop to classically influenced releases, but Jacques Labouchere writes music in a really traditional Americana Folk style, and for me that’s the charm. Intricate guitar picking accompanies a lilting flowing melody, and the gentle brass contributions add an extra poignancy to the song. Definitely a track for a quiet Friday night with a glass of red, or a black coffee if you prefer.

"? In D" came out today on all digital streaming services, and you can find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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