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  • David Bentley

Jelly Crystal (Sweden) – I don’t like dancing (single)

Jelly Crystal. Interesting artist name and he makes some interesting off-beat sounds as well, rooted in 1970s glam pop. I wish I could tell you more about him but I can’t. He’s the International Man of Mystery on socials and doesn’t even feature on his PR company’s roster so I guess he’s new. I do know he’s from Gothenburg. That’s about it.

His single ‘I Don’t Like Dancing’ is released via Smuggler Music/PIAS on Friday May 7th. I often get an idea in my head as to what a song will sound like from the title and in this case I found myself switching between Leo Sayer’s R&B standard ‘You make me feel like dancing’ and Elvis Costello’s ‘(I don’t want to go to) Chelsea’. In the event it’s far more like Sayer’s effort, jaunty and upbeat, but with panache about itthat might be attributable to Bowie.

It starts off with what sounds like a recording from inside a primary school which I don’t get but thereafter he quickly gets into his stride with plenty of melody played on piano and in style that’s equal part John Lennon and Thunderclap Newman and hung on a powerful bass line. And I suspect he is responsible for the choir as well, as it sounds like his voice multi-tracked.

It’s catchy for sure and an enjoyable listen. There’s really nothing to dislike at all and I’m sure there will be radio DJs here that will pick up on this.

We’re promised more from Jelly Crystal later this year, with a hint that it won’t necessarily follow the same format as this.

Find him on Facebook.


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