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Josefin Winther (Norway) – 'Takk' (track from new album)

I mentioned a while back when we covered the first single from it that Josefin Winther would release a new album on 12th April, her sixth. I didn’t know then if any tracks on it would be in English. Some of her previous albums have been but recently she’s concentrated on her native language.

Nothing wrong with that. It’s a good thing that artists should record in their own language and we don’t rule the world any longer after all. But the fact is I only know two people here who speak Norwegian. And both of them are Norwegian.

I just have a feeling that there is a bigger audience for her if some more songs were in English, just to mix it up a bit.

I also noted last time that her a lot of her songs seem to follow a pattern, starting off in the way of a gentle ballad and then building with layer after layer of sound so that by the end it’s a different song altogether and sometimes even an anthem.

And that’s one of the reasons why I chose ‘Takk’ as a sampler from this album, which is called ‘Hun som var her’ (She who was here). Because it doesn’t follow that pattern. It’s a pop banger right from the off to a pulsing beat and with a nice little choral section in the bridge, followed by the sort of noise I expect that new volcano in Iceland is making.

(The other reason is I know what the word means, thank you very much. I’ll be chatting like a native soon, just watch this space).

She works with high quality musicians and producers, and it shows. Everything about her has an aura of class, even down to her well laid out website (although again, an English version would help, Josefin).

But more than anything it’s a sensuous voice that wins you over. And it fits whatever it is she’s singing like a glove.

The Bergen basketball player (another string to her bow) continues to reach new heights.

Find her on Instagram and Facebook.


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