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JUNG 🇸🇪 - ‘Cause In The End You Know Everybody Dies’ (Album)

I think I’ve written about 25 new Nordic Album releases so far this year, and hopefully there’ll be about 3 more this week. I must admit the new release from JUNG caught me by surprise, although it is predominantly a combination of 2 already released EP’s - still worthy of a few words given I haven’t written about them previously.

So they’re a Swedish duo based around brothers Tom and Henry Ljungqvist, and they formed the band as recently as 2018, but clearly ‘on a mission’ given the number of releases thus far, and their success has already resulted in over 100 million streams and a double platinum single. The new album is entitled ’Cause In The End You Know Everybody Dies’.

To be honest, they were on to a winner as soon as they come up with the title, because whilst it might seem like the type of melancholia that Mirel Wagner or Siv Jakobsen would come up with, the feel of the album is mostly positive and upbeat - the type of album you’d release in that brief moment of positivity at the end of a pandemic, but before other world events overwhelm things.

Anyway title track ‘Cause In The End You Know Everybody Dies’ is an obvious highlight, an absolute banger of a song with a euphoric musical theme and lyrics that encourage living life to the full. And although tracks such as ‘Somebody Like You’ are a little cliched for my liking, they set a lovely tone with the flowing acoustic backdrop of ‘Irreplaceable‘ and ‘Sweet October’, whilst joining together with fellow featured Swede LUCHS they produce an almost cinematic (mostly) instrumental track entitled 'Window in the Clouds'

Meanwhile in terms of catchy hits, 'Heaven' takes some beating with a blistering anthemic track that flows on to concluding instrumental 'Det Susar I Saven Part 11'.

Of course regular readers won’t be surprised when I point out that JUNG aren’t quite my thing, a little too mainstream for me, which is why of course their recent Stockholm gig sold out rather them playing in a basement of a pub in front of 20 people, like most of the gigs I attend. But I totally understand why they’ve made such an impact, and everybody needs some JUNG in their life, with fun and irresistible pop tracks guaranteed to keep us dancing until we're 80 - if we're lucky enough to make it that far.

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