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Juni Habel - ‘Surrendering’ (single)

We have 3 folk influenced songwriters to feature tonight, but their musical outputs are all very different. Juni Habel is a Norwegian songwriter who seems to have made a positive impression with everyone who’s heard her music since she released her 1st single ‘Frightened Hearts’ in December 2019.

Since then she’s made her first appearance at by:Larm, released a 2nd track entitled ‘Run Dry’ which has been equally well received, and even appeared at the recent Vill Vill Vest, the Bergen festival which went ahead albeit with limited audience capacities.

She’s now working towards the release of her debut album ‘All Ears’, which is due to be released through Koke Plate in November. It seems like it was mostly recorded at home, with support from musicians and family, notably cello and percussion. I know that’s often the case with indie musicians, but the personal and intimate style of her songwriting really does come through in her releases, and it does truly sound as if she is just sitting at home with her guitar, in front of a warm fire.

New song ‘Surrendering’ was released last week, and there’s a comforting sound to the vocals, gentle but with a quiet authority too, especially when the track soars to the melodic high point. Strings are subtly introduced, building in volume before fading to the background. It’s all very understated, but perfectly balanced.

Writing about the track Juni says simply “Surrendering is a song about creativity and the joy and fear of making things”.

Anyway it’s a lovely song. Take a listen here:

For more details find her on Instagram or Facebook.


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