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Kúlu - ‘Biggest Tone’ (single)

One of the ‘highlights’ of lockdown, if there can be such a thing, was the extraordinary live stream by Norwegian band Ocean of Lotion, entirely filmed in a swimming pool. Or to be clear, in the areas surrounding the pool, rather than in the pool itself. I’ve truly never witnessed anything like it.

Danish band Kúlu have had a similar idea, although the filming of new single ‘Biggest Tone’ took place in abandoned swimming pool in Copenhagen.

They’re a band we introduced back in 2018 when they debuted with single ‘Toiling’, and since then they’ve released an EP, entitled ‘Quiescence’ last year.

Biggest Tone’ has an interesting viewpoint behind it too, as lyrically it was written by band member Daniel in respect to the unfortunate divorce that lead singer adennis was going thorough, As he explains “I was a spectator to how they both slipped apart. I didn’t tell Dennis that I had written the song and it was only when he had to sing the vocals that he realizes what it was all about. It hit him deeply and he broke down. It was the first time he has ever cried over a song he had to sing himself – but the song means a lot to him today.”

I can imagine it would, especially given it was written from the ex-wife’s perspective too, it makes it very powerful. Musically it’s polished and they have a sophisticated indie rock style, understated vocals and interesting swells in sound.

The track was released last month, but the video has only just come out. Maybe slightly more could have been made of the location, those places can be eerie and atmospheric.

Find them on Facebook.


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