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  • David Bentley

Kairon; IRSE! - 'an Bat None' (single from forthcoming album 'Polysomn')

Strange name for a band. And I’ve no idea where the song title comes from; perhaps it’s a warning sign in Chinese markets.

But then the band, a four-piece guitar outfit, is from Finland, and the genre is psyche.

It’s from their self-produced album, ‘Polysomn’, which is scheduled to be released on Sep 11th 2020 (Svart Records

The official explanation is, “With ‘Polysomn’ we emphasise psychedelic chaos. Each song creates their own reality, filled with surreal visions and ethereal soundscapes. ‘an Bat None’ introduces the heavier side of the album. Its purpose is to be a wall of sonic bliss.”

The PR invites us to “file (it) next to Dungen, King Crimson, Hawkwind and tell us that it is a “viperous cocktail of space rock, Greg Lake-era King Crimson and free jazz.”

The free jazz I hear, and perhaps Hawkwind as well. I’m not so sure about King Crimson, they were more structured and math-like than this, and Lake’s dulcet tones certainly don’t figure anywhere. Perhaps it might be better to focus on their unique sound.

It comes in two parts over six minutes, the first part being a huge jam. The second part, from around 3:30, has more form to it and it really powers up into something approaching sonic bliss in the last minute or so, you’ll soon be banging your head to it if that’s your thing.

The band was formed in 2009 by “four inner-space travellers” from western Finland. They’ve released two previous albums, the debut one, ‘Ujubasajuba’ in 2014, followed by ‘Ruination’, in 2017 which established them, bringing “a multitude of wild-eyed devotees to their astral-magic live-shows.” They sound like a Finnish version of Henge.

We are promised that ‘Polysomn’ will be “a treasure-trove of glitching, elated sounds, that takes psychedelia into a new dimension, bringing to mind the melodic lightning of bands like Dungen, the chainsawing alternative guitar fuzz of My Bloody Valentine, the sparkle and dreamscape of Slowdive, and the technological envelope-pushing of Radiohead’s outsider works.

That sounds a pretty tall order. Even getting My Bloody Valentine and Radiohead in the same sentence takes some doing. We shall see.

Find them on Facebook or Instagram.


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