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  • David Bentley

Kate Havnevik (Norway) – 'Into Dark' (single from forthcoming album)

Kate Havnevik is a Norwegian experimental artist who releases her new single ‘Into Dark’ on June 18th, prior to its inclusion on a forthcoming (fourth) album. The theme of the song is about people re-inventing themselves and wanting to escape.

The track was created with Kate’s long term producing partner Guy Sigsworth, who has worked with Björk, Madonna and Alanis Morisette but it bears little relationship to the work of any of those three.

‘Into Dark’ is an electronic wall of sound which ebbs and flows with elements of krautrock supplemented by the explosiveness of, say Jenny Hval. Not a unique sound but one that encourages you to ponder where you might have heard the melody before. In a Miami Vice car chase for example, or while the Daleks are swarming all over the Doctor and his trusty companion of the moment. She is already credited for the soundtrack of feature films and major TV series including the likes of Grey’s Anatomy.

It seems there is no regular style as such where Kate Havnevik is concerned. While this track is unrestrained, another recent release, ‘Starlight Fires’, is much lighter in tone, almost melancholic.

All of which augurs for a varied, appealing album.

There are several Norwegian solo experimentalists pushing back the boundaries momentarily, including Tortusa, Øystein Skar and Rural Tapes for example and bands such as Falkevik and Husmo HAV. It’s a lively scene and growing in significance by the day.

Find her on Facebook. And Instagram


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