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Keiser - ‘Scourge of the Wicked’ (single)

We don’t normally cover much Nordic black metal or similar styles, and there’s a pretty good reason too, there’s some excellent specialist websites and publications that do such a fabulous job highlighting releases in that genre, and those that love their metal a particular shade of black know where to go.

But of course it’s wrong to completely pigeon hole bands into styles, and I’m always open to listen to different interpretations of the genre. Norwegian band Keiser definitely try to do that, and they have released a blistering and pretty entertaining new track entitled ‘Scourge of the Wicked’, which was released this week through Non Serviam Records.

Keiser are a 4 piece band from Levanger in mid Norway, who after releasing an EP in 2016 went on to release their debut album entitled ‘The Succubus’ in 2017. Now they’re back with that new single and pretty darn good it is too.

Scourge of the Wicked’ opens with ferocious drumming and the interesting rhythms created initially made me think there was some warped time signatures being used, although in hindsight it’s pretty straightforward. But it’s the relentless guitars that make the track, with angular melodic riffs that remind me of some 90s goth bands I used to listen to, and the different phases of the song work pretty well. The traditional growling vocals will put some people off, obviously, but I like these guys interpretation of black metal – predominantly because of that wall of melodic instrumental noise.

Incidentally the band have told me that the lyrics reflect “how propaganda is used as a weapon in warfare. The lyrics are written from the point of view of the evil-doer in this case.” But of course I knew that already, the words came through with the clarity of a BBC Radio 4 newsreader.

Take a listen.

The new Keiser album, cheerily entitled 'Our Wretched Demise', will be released on November 27th. Given they're the most interesting Norwegian black metal band that I've heard, I'll definitely be giving it a listen.

You can find them on Facebook.


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