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Killer Cashew 🇸🇪 - ‘Shit Wine’ (single)

Imagine if the Beatles were stuck quarantined in Scunthorpe for a week due to the outbreak of a mysterious virus and had nothing better to do than write a song about their unfortunate experience. Far-fetched? Well I think that’s pretty much what Swedish band Killer Cashew have done with their debut track ‘Shit Wine’, with a song that isn’t simply a critique of their local Chinese restaurant's wine cellar, rather the entire town.

They’re a duo that have been writing together for a couple of years, and whilst tracks with blatant expletives normally get put right to the bottom of the NMR list, there’s something charming and pretty harmless about ‘Shit Wine’, a timeless melodic number with attractive vocals and lyrics that you’ll end up singing along to by the 2nd listen.

Explaining about the project they describe themselves as an “odd pairing who managed to overcome their differences, and join each other in a search for something that felt wholeheartedly genuine and absolutely mega”. It's particularly nice to see the return of the word ‘mega’ after a few decades anyway.

Of course whilst their musical influences are fairly clear, I’m less sure whether they’ve actually been to Scunthorpe, so exactly which town they’re singing about is less certain. It can’t be anywhere in Sweden surely?

Find them on Facebook.


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