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Kindsight (Denmark) - ‘How I Feel’ (single)

We featured Danish band Kindsight last year, the 1st band from outside of Sweden to appear on the indie label Rama Lama, and their brand of indie pop very much fitted in with the style of other bands on the labels roster such as Melby.

Anyway they’ve returned with a slightly unexpected track to the start for year, a blissful ballad entitled ‘How I Feel’. It’s a departure from the indie pop that we got to know with their debut singles ‘Who Are You’ and ‘Terminal Daze’, and it certainly shows the band has some versatility.

I like the story behind the song too, as explained by the band: ‘Nina was once gripped by an overwhelming need to tell the world how she felt. Everyone agreed that it seemed like a fair deal, as she is the lead-singer. A longing ballad with a hazy view was built to heed her demand. But as it turns out, Nina hasn't got a clue how she feels’.

Great, so no need to analyse the lyrics then. Anyway Nina’s able to pull off the ‘bigger’ style song really convincingly, because I think these tracks can be quite exposed vocally. The song has a plaintive melancholy melody, before the band wrap things up with a full blown climax, with the guitars and drums really enjoying themselves.

Anyway I have no idea what the 4 piece, which also consists of Søren, Anders and Johannes are planning next, but I’m guessing there’s an EP or something on its way. These guys have a cool, laid back indie sound, and they’ll surely be featuring on some Scandinavian festival stages in the summer.

Listen to the track here.

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